Bhavna is a super leadership and personal development coach, very passionate in her craft, always carrying positive aura with her.


She is a repository of excellent ideas, thoughts and insights. She digs deep into the problem situation and come up with implementable actions. She brings immense value to the table for people or organizations looking for leadership and personal development intervention.


Sanjay Bajaj




Bhavna is a a very engaging coach who listens, pays attention then prompts you to dig deep within yourself for answers to her questions.


It was all about getting the best out of me, my purpose and goals with Bhavna.


Extremely sensitive to moods and circumstances she worked with me to smoothen so many rough edges then bring focus back in to achieving the goals of Lonadek.

At the Leadership Development workshop she ran for my team, Bhavna kept the participants engaged throughout .


She communicated key concepts well using examples and anecdotes.


She got everyone to participate and brought out several underlying insights and patterns.


Highly recommend Bhavna!

Are you...

a Leader
a People Manager
an Entrepreneur…

Does your success depend on managing the business, people and yourself? When it comes to leading, it is not enough to be brilliant, hardworking and being great at what you do. You need people to follow.
Followers that are inspired by you… your vision and purpose and are willing to put in their best.

But before that you need clarity to be able to lead yourself.


Without that ability to inspire, your move to the next level is questionable.


We Can Help


Most training programs and information put out there regarding leadership is too generic and sometimes conflicting. Leadership is personal and you need a tailored approach targeted to specific areas which will be effective for you.

The fact is there are several areas where you show up as a leader and most often many of them are interconnected. We can support you in understanding the nuances of leadership as it applies to you in your context.


The 7 Leadership Competencies 

That Will Sky Rocket Your Growth and Success 

Executive Presence

Develop greater leadership presence and a more effective and impactful communication style.


Lead High





Manage diverse and distributed teams with increased trust, collaboration and performance to create positive impact.

Strategic Thinking

Find a balance between meeting today’s expectations and 


possibilities by thinking and acting in a strategic way. 


Setting Vision and



Understand what is means to be aligned to your personal as well as organizational vision and charter the course.

Execution Excellence

Establish accountability, measure, learn, adapt and change.


Networking Skills

Learn the secret behind effortless networking.






Become a master collaborator.





About Bhavna Dalal

Bhavna Dalal is the Founder and CEO of Talent Power Partners.


She is a Master Certified Coach and Specialist in helping Mid-Level and Senior Level Executives develop their Leadership skills to the Next Level and lead successfully with clarity, conviction and connection.

She has worked with 1000's of New and Experienced Leaders from around the world to help them grow aligned to their vision and strengths.


She serves on the board of directors of Bodhi Education Society as Vice President.


She is a Speaker and a thought leader par excellence; having authored several articles in publications such as Forbes and Fortune and two books:

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